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Diego Torroija is an award winning Cinematographer – Designer –  a visual swiss army knife with long history on VFX, lover of all things visual and a natural problem solver type personality.  Before making his transition into narrative, Diego had a deep history as Cinematographer for TV Commercials working with clients such as KIA, Orbitz, Holiday Inn, Budweiser, Staples, Puma, Rooms To Go, Intel and Cox Communications (full list here). As a Drone Pilot Diego gets a new perspective on the ever changing visual trends of the industry providing aerial footage to several award winning projects.

Diego worked on several passion projects for the likes of Sumner Redstone, George Clooney and Sherry Lansing (who now considers him her “go to” DP as “nobody lights me better”) as well as multiple features, short films, documentaries, web shows and music videos


Here’s what some of Diego’s long term clients had to say:

Once again, I am overjoyed with the work you did with regard to the Athena Film Festival.You were quite right to push me to do any extra take, because the last one was the best. No one lights me better.  I showed the video to Billy and he was truly impressed with your work… as I am, always. Thanks again.  I trust you completely. 
Hugs, Sherry

Sherry Lansing, former CEO Paramount Pictures

Diego is a go to creative superstar. Whether it was a $3,000 project or a $500,000 project, we always received the same effort, energy and enthusiasm from Diego, consistently striving to make the end product better, never satisfied with his own work. He polished turds, lemons into lemonade, water into wine. I would give him a kidney.

Larry Meador, CEO Evok Advertising

“Diego is too cool. He gets it, and makes it happen at a fair price and within even unreasonable schedules. The work is spectacular, and a hug from his wife Holly alone is worth the price of admission! A few of my agency clients now know how it’s supposed to be done. We’ll be back whether he likes it or not.”
Brad Fuller, Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diego for over 7 years and it is without a doubt one of the most positive creative relationships I have ever had. Not only is he a truly talented artist, but he is fun and professional. He also knows how to work under tight deadlines and with demanding clients like myself-and he easily works with both large and small budgets which in my commercial production business is key. I couldn’t have made many of my best spots without him!” Sean Hanish, Director and Owner of Cannonball Productions..
Sean Hanish, Director


International Theme Park Award for Harry Potter ride @ Universal
Telly Award, overall, Suzy Mae, Rooms To Go National Commercial
Telly Award, for Use of graphics, City of Tomorrow, Rooms To Go National commercial
Telly Award, overall, Flying Pterydactyl, Honda Generators National Spot
Crystal Reel Award, for 3D Animation, Troopers, Rooms To Go National commercial
4 Create Awards, for photography, Diego Torroija

“Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty thing” ( George Carlin )