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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep

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Diego Torroija is an award winning Cinematographer – Designer – a visual swiss army knife with long history on VFX, lover of all things visual and a natural problem solver type personality. Before making his transition into narrative, Diego had a deep history as Cinematographer for TV Commercials working with clients such as KIA, Orbitz, Holiday Inn, Budweiser, Staples, Puma, Rooms To Go, Intel and Cox Communications (full list here). Diego is the owner of As a Drone Pilot gets a new perspective on the ever changing visual trends of the industry providing aerial footage to several award winning projects. Diego worked on several passion projects for the likes of Sumner Redstone, George Clooney and Sherry Lansing (who now considers him her “go to” DP as “nobody lights me better”) as well as multiple features, short films, documentaries, web shows and music videos